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X2Go will allow you to open a graphical XWindows session on one of our Linux timeshare machines collectively known as linux.cs.ncl.ac.uk. In the X2Go client, use the Session menu to configure a new session. This session will need to be customised.


In the session tab, change:

  • Session name to "CS Linux"
  • Host to "linux.cs.ncl.ac.uk"
  • Login to your lowercase username
  • Session type to "MATE"

In the Connection tab, change:

  • Compression to "nopack"
  • Adjust the connection speed to suit your network

In the Media tab, turn off sound support and client side printing.


  • Please remember to sign out of your remote session when you have finished. Don't just close the session window as this will leave the session running in the background on the server, adding unnecessarily to its load.


  • When working on-campus, the speed of the link in the connection tab can be increased from ISDN/ADSL, which is what you are likely to need when working from home.

  • Connecting to other on-campus machines may also be possible, but you are advised to consult the X2Go documentation to check the compatibility issues with some other Linux distributions and session types.

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