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Team Projects

Most undergraduates and MSc students undertake a team project for which certain shared facilities are required. For each module, students are organised by the module leader into teams of about 10 people. Each team is assigned a moderator, normally a member of staff.

Mailing list

A semi-private mailing list will be created. Members of the team (and possibly the team moderator) will have unrestricted access to the list. Non-members may also post to the list, but will be required to confirm all postings in an attempt to reduce the number of unwanted messages. The postings will be archived for the duration of the project. When posting, please take care to use the list address rather than that of the list maintainer which ends in -request. Messages to the list maintainer that appear to be destined for the list will not be forwarded. You can find out which lists you are subscribed to and hence which team you are a member of by signing on to the University's email list management service with your normal campus ID.

Software Development Toolkit

The software development toolkit may also be used for team projects. See its Service Documentation for more details.


If requested by your module leader, a database will have been created for each team. The username and password for this will be sent to the team members by email, making use of the team mailing list. Please remember that this username and password will probably need to be embedded in scripts or web pages so should not be set to be the same as your campus password.

Direct SQL access to the database is restricted to on-campus hosts - see Databases and Web space for details of how a secure tunnel may be opened for remote database administration.

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