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Outdated - see Databases and Web space

Personal Web pages are created automatically for members of staff and all students taking a Computing module or registered for a Computing degree. The URL for this is:*name*

where *name* is replaced with the user's registered Newcastle e-mail name in lower case. These pages will be removed soon after you cease to be a student or member of staff in Computing, so should not be used for long-lived pages referred to in published papers.

To update this personal web space connect to with an SFTP client such as WinSCP or Filezilla. Both of these SFTP solutions allow a file to be downloaded, edited and automatically re-uploaded with an entry in the right-click context menu. Alternately, open a folder view in the Windows File Explorer. There is a separate arrangement for Team projects.

  • For WinSCP, the new connection dialog is shown below. The right hand part is only needed when connecting from off campus, on-campus leave the SSH tunnel tick-box unselected.

WinSCP Tunnel

  • Filezilla is another option but only for on-campus use as there is no convenient way to manage a tunnelled connection from off campus. Note the use of a full URI including sftp://.


  • Working on-campus, File Explorer should be directed to \\\homepages\*name*



PHP is supported. PHP scripts are granted restricted access to only the user's personal space and selected system directories. The flag register-globals is false which means that variables declared in web forms are not automatically made into global variables in your PHP script. This may differ from some early tutorials for PHP.


MySQL is also supported - see Databases.

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